You Can Now Check The Location of Your GE14 Polling Station Online

04-16 10:43

As you might know, Malaysia is about to go through its 14th General Election next month which will take place on Wednesday, 9 May or on Saturday, 5 May for those who are eligible to cast their vote early. To help prepare for the election day, all registered voters are now able to check their records starting from today.

This can be done directly through the official website of Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR) . It is relatively simple as well since the site only requires your MyKad number. Registered voters will then receive the result which include the location of polling station as shown below:

Alternatively, similar information can be found through the previously released MySPR Semak app for Android and iOS devices . Not only that, voters are also able to check their information by calling SPR’s hotline at 03-88927018 or any SPR state offices as well SMS SPR<space>MyKad number to 15888.

Given how the GE14 will take place on the middle of the week, you might want to check your information through any of these channels as soon as possible in order to help you prepare for the voting day.

(Source: Election Commission of MalaysiaPDF )







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