Intel could unveil its new graphics card at CES 2019

05-07 09:55

Intel has been working hard on their new GPU with industry sources telling TweakTown that they've reached the end of this first step, and are now preparing for the big launch.

The company has spent the better part of two years on this, and in the last minute poached key talent from AMD with Raja Koduri and Chris Hook . Not only that, but Intel secured Athlon and Ryzen CPU architect Jim Keller who was working at Tesla until last week, and are now pushing full steam ahead with the next generation Intel graphics core.

My sources are telling me to expect something late this year with all attention to be placed on Intel at CES 2019 in January, where Intel could unveil their new GPU. A discrete graphics card launch from Intel would be a huge deal to gamers, as NVIDIA has no competition in the high-end graphics card market from AMD whatsoever.

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